How To Migrate Your MODX Site


There is an official migration guide for MODX Revo, but the steps below have been easier for me.

  1. Update MODX (if necessary).
  2. Take note of your installed packages.
  3. Dump your DB, excluding the `workspaces` table (it has path information).
  4. Install the same (updated) version of MODX on the new server.
  5. Install the necessary packages.
  6. Import the DB dump.
  7. Copy over your assets (i.e., your images, css, js, templates, etc. in your /assets folder).
  8. Move ht.access to .htaccess if you're using friendly URLs.
  9. Update your path chunks (I use two chunks for path info (base_url and root_path)).
  10. Update your CSS background image paths (if you don't already have them set as relative URLs).