Why I Switched from GoDaddy to Namecheap


I just moved all my domains from GoDaddy to Namecheap.

The two main reasons I decided to switch:

Free/Cheaper Private Registration

Private registration is important to me, and I get it for every domain. At $7-$10, GoDaddy is a rip off compared to Namecheap at $0-$3.

No Live Chat

Who cares, you say? Well, apparently I do. What year is this? Live chat is, by far, my preferred method for interacting with customer service. GoDaddy absolutely has the means to offer the feature, they just don't.

Bonus Reason #1: Cleaner Interface

I personally find the Namecheap interface to be cleaner. It feels nicer to use. Makes me happy to click around. :D

Bonus Reason #2: Less Ads

For those of us who just want to buy a domain and get on with it, Namecheap++.

The process can be a bit of a pain, so here are the basic steps I've outlined for myself:

How to transfer domains from GoDaddy to Namecheap

  1. Cancel private registration in GoDaddy.
  2. Change Administrative contact email for domain in GoDaddy.
  3. Checkout with domain for transfer at Namecheap.com
  4. Log into GoDaddy and make note of the domain DNS/Host Record settings
  5. Unlock domain at GoDaddy.com
  6. Then, "Authorization Code - Send by Email" from GoDaddy
  7. Go to "Manage Transfers" in Namecheap.com and paste EPP code you just got from GoDaddy
  8. Follow instructions in final auth email
  9. Accept transfer in GoDaddy